Music session following the 2013 AGM - Hon President Johnny Coppin talking to Jo Heatley


The Annual General Meeting of Glos Folk will be held on Tuesday July 4th 2017, at The Fountain Inn, Westgate Street, Gloucester at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, but only Glos Folk Members may vote. 

Agenda for Glosfolk AGM Fountain Inn 4th July 2017 7.30pm
Appointment of meeting chair
Apologies: so far –  Alex West & Scotty – for note
Minutes of last meeting ( – for approval
Annual Report ( – for approval
Financial statement ( – for approval
Appointment of new committee (under Glosfolk constitution, officers are appointed by the new committee at their first meeting) Nominations received from: Astrid Cripps (elected 2009), Bill Taylor (elected 2009), Christine Reynolds (elected 2011), Peter Cripps (elected 2007), Paul Schofield (co-opted 2014) Veronica Lowe (elected 1999). – for vote
Review of Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection/Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy (none required), and appointment of Responsible Officer (Veronica Lowe) for approval
Any Other Business (At the discretion of the Chairman)

Annual Report
All OK with Folk?
We strongly believe that the best way for people to come to appreciate our music, is for them to get the opportunity to hear it! To that end Glos Folk strategy is to gather the fullest possible intelligence about what activities there are in the county, and publish them in the Folk Diary. We are truly grateful to all the people who send in information. We then try to publicise this information to the widest possible market. Press, Radio, and online. The local press are not always receptive to news about folk events, but Radio Gloucestershire, Radio Winchcombe, and Triangle Radio do publicise events and folk news.
The statistics show a pretty healthy picture of the state of traditional music in the county. However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Members of the public are more reluctant to go out in the evenings than they were, especially older people. People are also more cautious about spending money on entertainment as incomes are squeezed. Pubs, which have always been the mainstay of venues for folk, are closing in large numbers, and village and community halls are putting up hiring fees to cover costs. However, this does present opportunities for us. With so many performers (and listeners!) retired, daytime events are feasible, and evidence shows that with the right promotion, can be popular with audiences.
Peter Cripps

Web Site Hits
The Glos Folk Directory web site has had 6000 hits (Unique page views) this year—about 120 per week. The most often visited pages are Dance Bands, Singers/Groups, and Folk Clubs.
The Glos Folk Diary page has had almost 7000 visits, about 130 per week. (1/3 returning, 2/3 new) The Diary listed a staggering 2461 folk events! 
Our Facebook page now has 492 members — up 46 (10%) on last year. The Mailing List now has 421 members, same as last year. So potentially 900 people interested in folk! Some overlap, but in excess of 600 by our reckoning. Over 50 mailings to the membership this year, many of them offering paid performance opportunities.
The Performers Directory has also seen growth, with now some 284 performers, teachers, clubs, etc listed. We do know that there are still some performers and groups not listed.  Listing is free at present, so do let us know about anyone who should be included                                                                               Peter Cripps.

 Sessions & Clubs
Tuesday Mainly English Music Sessions continue every week. We have a hard core of regulars and different musicians at each of the pubs. We have had visitors to the county come and join us having found us on the Glos Folk Website. All are made welcome.
Roving Folk formerly at the Slip Tavern before its closure have settled for the moment in Kempley Village Hall on the first Thursday of the month. There is a huge variety of regular singers and it is always a good night with a supportive and enthusiastic audience. The club regularly draws in folk from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wales
Mitcheldean Folk Club meets in the White Horse Inn on the second Thursday of the month and attracts a variety of performers from the Forest of Dean and further afield. At the 5th birthday party in June we had a varied programme. Traditional English Folk, both unaccompanied and accompanied, singer songwriter, American traditional, Dutch, Music Hall, Blues and Poetry all were represented. The Mitcheldean Folk Festival will reflect this diversity and runs alongside the Village Fete and the Poetry festival and beer and cider festival
Thornbury Folk Session continues to thrive with a mix of musicians playing tunes, and singers, both traditional and contemporary. They are a welcoming club and both musicians and singers are made welcome. It is so popular singers can expect a couple of songs in the evening. They meet in Christ the King Social Club with fine real ale available.
I am hearing good reports from the new venture, The Newent Folk Club at The Kings Arms, Newent on the third Thursday of the month. Dave Blick is in charge and they have had a full room each time they have met.
 Bill Taylor

Performance Opportunities

Glos Folk members have been offered (and accepted!) numerous performance opportunities during the past year, almost all of them paid, through the hard work and dogged persistence of the committee. These have included The Tall Ships Festival, Gloucester Quays Victorian and Christmas  Markets,  Gloucester Resident’s Day, etc. We estimate that the local folk economy has gained about £3000, if not more.    Mike Gardner is pictured here entertaining the crowds in the Docks. If you know of any event where music might be welcomed, please let us know, so we can follow it up.                                               Peter Cripps

Shanty Festival
The third annual shanty festival was a great success.
A total of 30 acts descended on the City of Gloucester, and the Docks, in order to participate in the Gloucester Shanty Festival and performed in a total of 12 different venues this year.  The Pirate Walk attracted some good participation and publicity. The feedback from bands, public and the publicans themselves is that this was the best year to date. Venues, being outdoors, were well supported, despite the weather's worst attempts to upset the apple-cart!  
The singarounds saw good attendances, and the charity concerts fairly well attended, meaning that we are in the position to make a good donation once again to the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA), our nominated charity this year.  
The committee thoroughly enjoyed the festival again this year, and are looking to expand again next year to more dockside and city centre venues and are looking to have a much enlarged festival next year, please check via the Gloucester Shanty Festival Facebook group for more information.
Steve Rule

GlosFolk Treasurer’s Report, Year End: May 31st 2017
 We started this GlosFolk financial year with total assets of  £560.72
   We had income of £20.50 kindly donated by Peter from sales of his book, plus 13 pence bank interest. 
*(Humble apologies for over counting 2x£30 last year as they came in between end of previous accounting year and meeting, but showed on a later bank statement.)  
 Business Registration,                                 £96, 
EFDSS Affiliated Membership,                   £74,  
Website renewal                                           £36.32
 If we are to keep up these expenses we need more income. We will be making an appeal in the near future.  
Total income:        £20.63
Total expenditure: £206.32
 Income – expenditure:    Minus £185.69 
                                              Total Assets: £375.03 
Veronica Lowe, 


Folk at Frampton celebrated 21 years of the club in October. The concept of a club in a village hall, where everyone ‘has a go,’ brings great variety, and people new to it visibly grow in confidence in their performance. Participation is enhanced by Keith Dench’s shared arrangements, - many of them originally produced for folk camps. And the harmony singing has really taken off this year. 
Churchdown Library Choir is thriving, with a mixed more or less folky repertoire, but not on the lines of many community choirs in that we don’t have much world music. This is really just for fun, though we did sing at a Harvest Supper, and at one care home. We have had a couple of regular male voices this year, including one who benefited from Peter Cripps’ work for the paid buskers’ scheme. He had a spot during the Tall Ships Festival.  
Veronica Lowe

Thanks to all who have supported Glos Folk over the past year —committee members for all their help, to everyone who sends in items for the Diary, people who organise clubs, sessions, morris sides, and help keep folk ‘on the map’, and to everyone making music or listening — Thanks a lot!
Peter Cripps

STOP PRESS: The Carpenter's Arms at Miserden will eventually be reopening in mid July, with an official reopening party on Friday 21st July. There will be a free barbecue, the Gloucestershire Morris Men will be dancing and there will be live music (almost certainly folk). The regular folk nights will resume on Wednesday 26th July with the usual mix of of traditional and contemporary artists. 
Paul Schofield

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